Meditation pyramid of Phipower: for more energy and well-being

Meditation is a practice that has been practiced for thousands of years by people seeking inner peace, harmony and spiritual growth. Meditation can have many benefits for health, well-being and quality of life. But did you know that meditation can be made even more effective using a special pyramid shape?

In this article, we will tell you about Phipower’s meditation pyramid, a unique product designed to enhance and enrich your meditation experience. We will explain what a meditation pyramid is, how it works, its benefits and how you can use it.

What is a meditation pyramid?

A meditation pyramid is a geometric structure consisting of four triangular sides that meet at a point at the top. The pyramid shape has been known since ancient times as a symbol of strength, wisdom and spirituality. Pyramids were built by different civilizations around the world, such as the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Aztecs and the Incas.

The pyramid shape has a special property: it can collect, concentrate and radiate energy. This is because the pyramid acts as a resonator that responds to the earth’s electromagnetic field and other cosmic forces. The energy generated by the pyramid is also called pyramid energy.

Pyramid energy has a harmonizing and organizing influence on everything in or near the pyramid. This applies to both living beings and objects. For example, pyramid energy can make plants grow faster, keep food fresh longer, purify water, relieve pain, promote healing and raise consciousness.

How does a meditation pyramid work?

A meditation pyramid is a special type of pyramid designed to be used for meditation. A meditation pyramid creates a powerful energy field conducive to meditation. The energy field helps to calm the mind, relax the body, open the heart and connect the soul to the higher self.

A meditation pyramid works as follows:

  • The meditation pyramid is placed on a flat surface, preferably in a quiet and clean room.
  • The meditation pyramid is oriented so that one of its sides is parallel to magnetic north. This ensures optimal alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field.
  • The person who wants to meditate sits or lies down under the meditation pyramid, with the head in the center of the base. This is the point where the pyramid energy is strongest.
  • The person begins meditating according to his or her own method or preference. This may include breathing, visualizing, praying, singing, listening or just being.
  • The person stays under the meditation pyramid for as long as he or she wants or needs. This can range from a few minutes to hours.

What are the benefits of a meditation pyramid?

A meditation pyramid has many benefits for those who use it. Some of these benefits are:

  • A meditation pyramid promotes deeper and longer meditations. This is because the pyramid energy affects the brain waves and puts them into a state of alpha or theta. These are the frequencies associated with relaxation, creativity, intuition and transcendence.
  • A meditation pyramid strengthens the earth’s magnetic field. This is the natural energy field that surrounds the earth and is essential for life. The Earth’s magnetic field protects us from harmful radiation, supports our immune system, regulates our biological clock and synchronizes our brain hemispheres. By sitting under a meditation pyramid, we increase our resonance with the earth’s magnetic field and improve our health and well-being.
  • A meditation pyramid has felt effects such as relaxation, balance, tranquility, protection and well-being. This is because pyramid energy has a positive influence on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Pyramid energy helps to reduce stress, stabilize emotions, order thoughts, increase energy and create harmony.
  • A meditation pyramid can also produce other sensations, such as slight tingling, warmth, absence of external stimuli and higher energy levels. This is because pyramid energy activates our senses, nervous system and subtle bodies. Pyramid energy can also stimulate psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and telepathy.

How can you use a meditation pyramid from Phipower?

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of a meditation pyramid, consider purchasing a meditation pyramid from Phipower. Phipower is a company that specializes in making high-quality meditation pyramids designed according to the Cheops dimensions. These are the exact dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, considered one of the most perfect and powerful pyramids in the world.

A meditation pyramid from Phipower has the following features:

  • The meditation pyramid is complete with tubes, connectors and installation tools. So you do not need to purchase or search for additional materials.
  • The meditation pyramid is easy to assemble. You can follow the manual that comes with the package.
  • The meditation pyramid includes a compact top pyramid. This is a smaller version of the large pyramid that you can place on top of the large pyramid for extra strength and focus.
  • The meditation pyramid is lightweight and portable. You can easily move the meditation pyramid or take it with you to any location.
  • The meditation pyramid can be constructed in two variants: medium (77 cm high) and large (140 cm high). You can choose which size suits you best or alternate between the two sizes for different purposes.
  • The meditation pyramid includes an orgone ball with amethyst crystals that you can attach to the top of the pyramid. The orgone ball is a device composed of organic material, resin, a copper coil and amethyst gemstones. The orgone ball acts as a generator and amplifier of positive life energy (also called orgone or prana). Amethyst crystals have a calming and purifying effect on the mind and nervous system.
  • The meditation pyramid comes in a compact shipping box that is easy to transport. You can have your meditation pyramid delivered anywhere in the world.

When you order a meditation pyramid from Phipower, you can count on fast and safe delivery. You can place your order online through Phipower’s website, where you can also find more information about the meditation pyramid, prices, payment methods and shipping costs.

How can you best benefit from a meditation pyramid?

To make the most of a meditation pyramid, we recommend keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Use the meditation pyramid regularly. The more often you meditate under the pyramid, the more you will get used to the energy and enjoy the benefits.
  • Experiment with different times, places and positions. You can meditate under the pyramid at any time of the day or night, indoors or outdoors, sitting or lying down. Find out what works best for you and what you are most comfortable with.
  • Align your intention with your goal. Before you begin meditating, set an intention for your session. This could be for example to relax, to heal, to learn, to create or to connect. Your intention will influence and enhance your experience.
  • Be open and curious. Allow yourself to discover what happens when you meditate under the pyramid. Don’t be afraid or skeptical, but be willing to receive what is coming. You may be surprised by what you feel, see, hear or know.
  • Share your experiences with others. If you like, you can share your experiences of meditating under the pyramid with others who are also interested in this topic. For example, you can join an online community, write a blog, create a video or leave a review. This can help you deepen your insights, answer your questions and increase your enthusiasm.


A meditation pyramid is a great tool for anyone who wants to enhance and enrich their meditation experience. A meditation pyramid creates a powerful energy field that promotes deeper and longer meditations, strengthens the earth’s magnetic field and brings about felt effects such as relaxation, balance, tranquility, protection and well-being.

A meditation pyramid from Phipower is a high quality product designed according to the Cheops dimensions and features an orgone ball with amethyst crystals. A meditation pyramid from Phipower is complete with tubes, connectors and installation tools, easy to assemble, including a compact top pyramid, lightweight and portable, buildable in two variants: medium and large, fully handmade and shippable worldwide.

If you are interested in ordering a meditation pyramid from Phipower or want more information about this product or other health products, please visit Phipower‘s website : [www].

We hope this article has helped you learn more about the benefits of a meditation pyramid and that you feel inspired to try it out for yourself. We wish you fun and success with your meditation under the pyramid!